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Grossology and You

Join Noreen Neuron, host of the “Personal Universe” game show, as she leads us through a competition to decide which body system is the best and brightest. Will it be Scabby (the immune system), Boogie (the respiratory system) or Flatus (the digestive system)? Laugh and learn as these animated…

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Jeepers Creepers

Trapped in a giant semi-transparent dome, you watch as a single fly buzzes aimlessly above and finally comes to a rest on top. As the lights hauntingly flicker, a cockroach scurries over to the fly and you suddenly realize that you’re not alone – the entire dome is filling…

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Solar System Odyssey

Led the Morehead production team that is developing a NASA funded groundbreaking fulldome planetarium show that debuted August 2011. Our story takes place far in the future with an Earth on the verge of environmental collapse. Billionaire Warren Trout thinks he can make a fortune colonizing the rest of…

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Magic Tree House: Space Mission

Led the production of the Morehead’s second Fulldome show based on the international best-selling book series, the Magic Tree House®. In the story, a mysterious “M” sends the intrepid Jack and Annie on a fun-filled journey to discover the secrets of the Sun, Moon, planets, space travel and more.


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Earth, Moon & Sun

Led Morehead’s first fulldome production project – Earth, Moon and Sun – one of the best selling planetarium shows of the last 5 years. No one on our team had ever produced a fulldome show before so it was a huge learning curve but the show is getting a…

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