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Gross Jobs – Exhibit

In the highly interactive “Gross Labs” exhibit, the visitor plays the role of a scientist who is applying for a job at Gross Labs, choosing from such jobs as “Poop Analyzer” and “Snot Surveyor.” Despite the humorous and gross-themed job titles, the skills required for these jobs…

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Water in Our World – Exhibit

Explore an immersive world of the sights, sounds and movement of water – without even getting wet. This new exhibit explores the social and physical aspects of water with highly interactive digital and tactile exhibits and is part of UNC’s pan-campus three year theme.

Do you expect to have access…

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A Sticky Situation – Exhibit

Produced in collaboration with UNC professor Dr. Cass Miller and the UNC Institute for the Environment and funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Where — and why — do coal tar deposits appear in soil and in water supplies? And why do many scientists believe that coal…

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